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What is the difference between ball screw and trapezoidal screw?

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  • The main difference between a ball screw and a trapezoidal screw is the way the load is carried between moving surfaces. The ball screw uses a circular ring ball bearing, which can greatly reduce the friction and improve the efficiency. The trapezoidal screw is to use the low friction coefficient between the sliding surfaces. Therefore, trapezoidal screw is usually not as efficient as ball screw.

    By analyzing the Tribological Mechanism, it can be found that the predictability of sliding friction is lower than that of the transmission with circular ring ball technology. The fatigue life equation (such as L10 life) is reliable in its application range. From the above, we can know that ball screw and trapezoidal screw are different in application field because of their different ability to predict performance and life.

    Although ball screw has more advantages (load, stiffness, efficiency, load cycle, predictability), the cost is relatively high. Although compared with other translational linear motion schemes, they have high cost performance, but because the design of ball screw is more complicated, it needs to be hardened precision bearing surface and a ball circulation ring device.

    The trapezoidal screw rod is small in size, very flexible in design, low noise in normal use, good corrosion resistance, and can be configured with self-locking function for full-scale vertical application. They play an important role in many applications, but they also have some limitations.

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