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Inspection and maintenance of ball screw in use

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  • For the ball screw used in production, there will be some use problems, and the emergence of the problem is not immutable. Although some use problems are inevitable, but if you want to keep the ball screw in good running condition for a long time, these problems should be eliminated in time. Here, we will learn about the ball screw inspection and maintenance knowledge.

    How to detect problems between ball screw support systems? When we use the machine tool, there will be a relatively large reverse error, and then the positioning accuracy tends to be unstable. There is also a tool mark when the quadrant is used. At this time, we must check the clearance of the lead screw system. In other words, there is a direct relationship between the problems and the gap of the lead screw.

    When using the ball screw, if the dial indicator of the measured lead screw does not swing left and right, it means that the screw rod is in good position and there is no series movement. If the pointer of the dial indicator is in the state of continuous swing, it means that the screw has a movement. For the dial indicator, the difference between the large measurement value and the small measurement value is the lead screw.

    For the above problems, we should first check whether the back cap of the support bearing is in a locked state when testing the ball screw, and then do a good job of detecting the wear of the supporting bearing. It may also be that the preloaded bearing pad has problems in use. If the bearing is not used, then we will do the preloading again. If the bearing is in use, it should be repaired when it should be repaired and replaced when it should be replaced.

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